Heritage Bathware is a Family run, Bespoke, Luxury Shower and Bathware design manufacturer. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have shipped showers to every corner of the globe and believe in building the best shower experience, using the strongest materials. We make all of our products from solid Copper and Brass and believe that the experience comes before anything else.

When the Christchurch earthquakes completely destroyed all but a few pieces of our heritage restoration business we needed to urgently find a new direction.

Left with just a few elegant period taps, a passion for engineering and a drive to develop the perfect shower, Heritage Bathware was born.

We recognised the delights of being cascaded by a traditional rainmaker shower, and the demand for authentic fittings for period homes. We also saw the opportunity to enjoy these magnificent showers in more modern settings and even outdoors.

Today Heritage Bathware combines modern plumbing with traditional shower heads, to provide an unforgettable showering experience.

The Brown Family Story

September 2010 – Christchurch is hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, the Threw The Keyhole shop is damaged badly. More than 50,000 pieces of period hardware were lost.

November 2010 - We were one of the first companies to get a small business grant to help recovery from the earthquake damage, this funding helped with the development of our shower range

In July of 2011 Thew The Keyhole was reinvented into Heritage Bathware, by applying skills from restoration we designed a range of shower roses and began with only a cold water outdoor shower.

“So out of the old, Comes the new. The internet is a positive way forward and by taking this bold step, we have attracted new clients from outside of Christchurch and are doing very well, in spite of the huge setbacks we were dealt” – Phyllis Brown

December 2016 - The brown family officially became New Zealand Citizens

January 2017 – The heritage collection brochure is released, with the formalisation of all our ranges including the Apollo copper baths and bathroom accessories.

May 2017 – The home Ideas Centre display comes to life

Heritage Bathware Story

November 2006 – The Brown family leave Scotland to start a new life in Aotearoa, New Zealand!

We bought Yesteryear Brass, a small antique restoration shop in Christchurch.

In 2007 we hired our first employee, Welcome Bill to the team!

In 2008 we rebranded to Threw The Keyhole and began working with the Historic Places Trust, A key project was the restoration of the Time Ball station in Lyttelton, Christchurch. We welcomed Jonny to the team!

2013 – Mike our local metal spinner helps with the development of our copper basins adding kitchenware to our range

2014 – We began working with Sharon’s Ceramics to add a distinctive touch to our tapware, with hand crafted ceramic inserts, made locally in Christchurch

2015 – We had our first enquiry for a copper bath and found an artisan supplier in India to craft our baths by hand

June 2016 – Nathan joins the family business. The Alfresco and Allegro ranges are formed