Freestanding Baths Break the Rules

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Freestanding baths are a bold look. Copper Baths were made to be freestanding, in Victorian times a copper bath would be placed near a fire to keep the water warm, often in the bedroom.

Copper baths have a bold profile and stand out with their distinctive patina, why not make your bathroom even more unique and fit your bath off from the walls and more into the room. Why push your luxurious copper bath against a wall where it will get overlooked, put it center stage to grab people’s attention.

An example of a copper bath coming out from the wall into the room, a great way to make your bath stand out by interrupting the flow of the room - Heritage Bathware Home Ideas Auckland, NZ

Get creative and build your room around the bath, one of our clients built her bathroom specifically with her copper bath in mind, the bath sits in the middle of the room on an angle and faces straight out the window to her view over the city. Her vision was to be able to relax at night with a glass of wine, in her large copper bath overlooking the city and a view of the stars above.

You can go one step further and put your bath in the bedroom, some very expensive hotels have large copper baths at the foot of the bed, with a fireplace close by. A great place to relax.

Break the rules and put your bath wherever you want! It can go outdoors on the deck or in the garden, copper is a hard-wearing material that will weather well outdoors too. Put your bath in the middle of your bedroom to get that presidential suite feel or build a bathroom around your bath to get an amazing view while you relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

After all, rules are made to be broken! Tell us where you would put your copper bath in the comments below.


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